LEAN: Phase 1 & 2 (12-Weeks)


PROGRAM PDF & APP Logins will be sent out on 5 FEB 2021

Duration of Program: 12-weeks

Equipment Required: 2x Light Dumbbells; 2x Heavy Dumbbells; 1x Powerband

​This 12-week program consists of 2x 6-week phases. In phase 1, there is 4 workouts per week – with an optional 5th progress tracking workout. And in phase 2, there is 5 workouts per week – with an optional 6th progress tracking workout.

​Workout duration will vary from 30-60 minutes per session.

​The aim of the program is to build lean muscle and create that “toned” look everyone is after.

​The LEAN program will be available for purchase as the full 12-week program or per 6-week phase.




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