Online Training

Did you know that our online training programs are APP based?

We are currently using a third-party app – but soon, we will host all of our programs, workouts & live streaming events on our very own FIT BEST Training APP! We cannot wait!

Online Training programs are a great option if you enjoy training on your own, but you don’t necessarily know which exercises to do. Our online programs are carefully planned and designed to ensure that our clients receive the intended and optimal benefits from every single program!

Check out our different Online Training options & get training today!

LEAN 12-Week Program

Goal: Lean Muscle Building

Duration of Program: 12-weeks | Equipment Required: 2x Light Dumbbells; 2x Heavy Dumbbells (optional) & 1x Power Band

This 12-week program consists of 2x 6-week phases. In phase 1 there is 4 workouts per week. In phase 2 there is 4 workouts per week with an optional 5th workout every week. Workout duration vary from 30-60min sessions. Each week also has a core finisher workout, which is optional but highly advisable. The core finisher will enable you to track your performance progress over the course of the 12 weeks.

This program is focused on interval training and lean muscle building / hypertrophy. With my specific studies in high intensity interval training & hypertrophy training, I have designed this program to specifically build lean muscle. You know that “toned” look everyone is looking for? Well this is exactly what this program will give you!

The LEAN Program can be purchased as the full 12-week program or per phase.

Turn Up the HIIT 10-Week Program

Goal: Cardio Conditioning

Duration of Program: 10-weeks | Equipment Required: None, Body Weight Only

This 5-week program consist of 2x 5-week phases. In both phases there are 4 workouts per week. Each session will only take 30 minutes.

The program was initially only a 5-week program. but due to the popularity of the program, we have added 5 more weeks!

Workouts are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) based. That means squat jumps, mountain climbers, burpees, etc! All of the good ones hey!

It’s a great option if you are short on time but still want to get a proper workout in!

The Turn Up the HIIT Program can be purchased as the full 10-week program or per 5-week phase.

WHWH 12-Week Program (eBOOK)

Goal: Core & Overall Body Conditioning

Duration of Program: 12-weeks | Equipment Required: None, Body Weight Only

This 12-week program consists of 3x 4-week phases. In all three phases there are 3 workouts per week. Each session will take 45-60 minutes.

The program was the first program that we have launched & still to this day it’s a crowd favourite! The program is eBook based ONLY and is not available on the app. Once you purchase it, you can use it from your phone, tablet, computer or print it out!

Workouts are body conditioning based. The focus is on building core strength and requires little to no jumping. This is an ideal program for someone who is just starting their fitness journey as the intensity of the program is not to high. But it will also challenge the intermediate to advance person – as the program is adaptable to suit your own fitness level.

The HiiT Hype Program can be purchased as the full 12-week program or per 4-week phase.

I have always loved a good workout, but my fitness has truly “upped” since I joined Fit Best Training. Not only do they have more than enough training programs to choose from, it’s customized to fit your own needs – body weight / equipment and in the comfort of your own home! I completed my first program – Winter Home Workout Challenge – and have never felt better!

– Sumari

Fitbest Training, wat kan ek se?Ek is nou besig met my 2de challenge by Fitbest. Ek het laasjaar n HIIT challenge gedoen en is nou amper halfpad met die #BEYOURBESTCHALLENGE! Ek kan nie beskryf hoe baie ek dit geniet en hoe BAIE my lyf al verander het nie. ek voel soooooveeel beter oor myself! Daar is tye wat ek voel ek kan nie iets regkry nie, of ek kan nie genoeg van iets regkry nie, maar dan besef ek weer, dit is nie n kompetisie tussen my en ander vroue nie, ek is in n kompetisie met myself om die beste EK te wees en onmiddelik is ek weer gemotiveerd! So ja, as jy wonder of Fitbest vir jou is, toets dit….jy sal keer op keer weer terugkom vir die volgende challenge!

– Melanie

Ek is tans besig met FIT BEST Training se #winterworkoutchallenge, vandag merk die begin van week 4 (die laaste week in die eerste reeks) en dit was ‘n ONGELOOFLIKE ervaring. I’m living in Pofadder and have NO access to a gym whatsoever – but Renche made me realize for the very first time in my life that #fitnesscanbefun! I’m enjoying every second of her workouts, I can feel my body changing and getting stronger day by day. And I can recommend her plans to everyone out there struggling to get up early in the morning to workout, everyone out there feeling they are not enough and they can’t do it. Anyone out there hating to run for hours and getting bored with their workouts. Renche’s your girl 😊En ek kan nie meer wag vir Winterworkout Challenge 2 nie!!!

– Marli