Live Training

Join our Live Virtual Classes in the comfort of your home!

Since 1 April 2020, our #TeamFitBest members had the opportunity to train from the comfort of their homes! What started as a “temporary lockdown project”, grew into a 11 month live training concept! And since our vision with FIT BEST Training is to help women from all walks of life to become the best version of themselves, through their own fitness journeys – we have worked extra hard to expand & take up our services yet another notch!

Book your spot to join our Live Workout sessions every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7am on ZOOM & our Closed Facebook Group!

Want to see what the classes are like before you sign up? Head on over to our Youtube Channel for December & January’s free classes.

Mondays are Strength Workouts – you’ll need 2x dumbbells, a resistance band & a step!

Wednesdays are HIIT Workouts – you’ll need a skipping rope!

Fridays are Core Workouts – you don’t need any equipment!

Workouts are immediately available afterwards on our Closed Facebook Group.

If you cannot join at 7am due to work or other obligations – you will be able to do it from the closed group – at a time that suits you.

**Only paying members have access to the closed group.

It’s been a total of 2 weeks since I’ve signed up for FIT BEST Training and I can already see results even though I haven’t changed much (if any) of my eating habits.The classes are hard but still fun (totally not repetitive) AND because it’s live I’m held accountable.

– Amori

Yes!!! it is definitely training I would recommend. I am looking forward to every class. Each program is perfectly worked out to concentrate on a focused area. There is online live classes and If you’ve missed one or want to repeat a class, it’s available on the private Facebook group.

– Melissa

It would be fun they said! Go give them a follow & sign up! It’s fun – I promise!

– Mienke

My first class with FIT BEST Training was really nice! I enjoyed it a lot – even though it was tough! I’m looking forward to the next class!

– Sarina