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21-Day Rainbow Reset Challenge

Join our 🌈 21-Day Rainbow Reset Challenge 🌈 & let’s look after our bodies better than ever before! Starting 11 January & ending 31 January! This is NOT a detox nor a weight loss plan nor a juice cleanse! Nor any unrealistic and unhealthy fad diet / challenge! Smoothies are a effective way to get […]

Summer Mango Breakfast

Here is to summer officially being here! I thought since it’s summer and mangoes are in season I am creating a yellow, joyful, juicy recipe for your summer breakfasts! This recipe can be eaten hot OR cold! So don’t worry when a cold morning creeps in, it is so versatile. Ingredients: 1/2 mango 6 tbsp […]

Low Carb Cauli Mash

Love mash? But don’t always like the potato part? This recipe is a fantastic alternative for that with 2 HEAD INGREDIENTS! I used a combination of fat-free cottage cheese and a sour cream cheese & chives dip as the “milky mixture” part, you can sub the dip with only sour cream if you’d prefer that […]

Healthy Pumpkin Fritters

With this recipe we are giving you pumpkin to talk about! (Renche’s puns rubbed off on me) I mean who doesn’t love the famous “pampoen koekies?!” They’re always really oily though, filled with lots of refined sugar, flour and contains only little pumpkin BUT believe me, I know they are so good! I promise you […]

No Junk Date Balls

Are you a fan of dates or not like our Fitbest-owner? I can guarantee you’ll still like these nutritious date balls, you won’t even know they are made with dates! They just taste like caramel balls! You are going to need a food-processor or high speed blender to easily make the mixture for this recipe! […]


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