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Even in the fire, I’m alive in YOU!

I am a firm believer in the seasons of life. I’ve even done a blog post about it a while ago here on our blog.

I’ve grown up in a Christian home as a child and was fortunate enough that my parents decided to start walking in a relationship with the Father – rather than just sitting in church and labeling ourselves as Christians.

Along this journey, where I had to make my own decision to also follow the Father with all my heart – I started appreciating the seasons of life. To be more specific – the winter / wilderness seasons. Even though time and again when I face a winter season – it is so damn hard and it knocks me down to my knees – I am left in awe of God’s faithfulness.

This past year Father revealed to me that we are called to be a set apart nation unto Him, in more depth than I could have ever comprehended before. And no, it’s not something that He only revealed to me because I’m special or anything. No. It’s been written in Scripture for thousands of years. The difference came in that I had to make the decision to start spending quality time dwelling in the Scriptures. Learning about God’s heart and His desires for His kids.

Along this journey I have prayed that God will take me through His holy fire. To take me through the pruning process. And yes, of course I knew that it would mean that I’m signing up to face some hard things. But I knew that whatever was not rooted in Christ, will not stand the fire. And I will come out on the other side – a purified Bride. And that is my heart’s desire.

When we ask and allow God to sanctify our hearts, we must KNOW that God WILL send us into seasons of hardship / send us into the wilderness. Because it’s in the wilderness that the father will humble and empty us. We are all broken people and we all come from bloodlines of imperfect people – because we are human. It’s in the wilderness where God will not only reveal to us our brokenness – the true condition of our hearts. But it’s also in the wilderness where God will start to heal our hearts. You see, it’s only once we get to a place of complete brokenness that we can realize our dependence on God. It’s in the wilderness where the Father can start to teach us

But the world has conditioned us to keep a mask on. To pretend that everything is fine. No one is allowed to show that they struggle. Because “what will the people say?” I’m not saying mutter out all of your life drama on social media. Please no! I’m saying get off social media where you pretend that you’ve got it all figured out and under control & ask God to take you into the wilderness. Because trust me girl – when you get out of there – you’re going to be a hell of a lot stronger!

People are so prideful and conditioned to maintain a certain image of themselves to the world that they become too scared to allow God to take them to the wilderness. What will the people say? What if you no longer can control the situations? What if you break down? To the person reading this! When you have come to this point – where you no longer care about what the world says about your journey, where you no longer try to control your life, where you break down at the feet of the King of kings. Then my sweet girl – you are at THE very best place you could ever find yourself at!

During the past year, I asked the Father to take ALL of me through the pruning fire and burn away what’s not rooted in Him. And I knew that it would hurt. I knew that things in my life would change as a result. I’ve counted the cost & I knew that it was still worth it. Despite the pain that the wilderness might bring. Despite the fact that I won’t be in control (MASSIVE for someone who used to control everyyyy single thing in her life). Despite the fact that life as I knew it would change. Despite all of it! It was (& still is) my heart’s desire.

2020 was such a massive year to each and everyone on the blue little dot we call earth. But it’s been honestly the absolute BEST year of my life! The hardest one too, that’s for sure. With what’s happening in the world but also with what happened in my wilderness. But I’m beyond thankful for the journey.

I’m not out of the wilderness yet. On 3 January 2020, I posted a quote on my personal Instagram that said – “even in the fire, I’m alive in You!” Little, very little, did I understand the significance of what that words for the season I’ve entered in.

While we are in the wilderness, God will prune away everything that’s not inline with His Kingdom principles. But He won’t just prune – He will also teach us why! God is the greatest gentleman of all times! He created mankind with a free will and He will NEVER force us to do anything. That’s why we have to make the decision ourselves to ask Him to take us into the wilderness. To lay down our lives and to take up the cross. To allow God to teach us His ways and His principles. It’s in the wilderness where the Father will teach us about holy ground which means living holy. We cannot live a life of holy-making if we are not purified.

Without God’s instructions, and living in His Kingdom principles – we will perish. It’s in the wilderness where God will prepare our hearts to receive His instructions. It’s in the wilderness where He will empty us from ourselves so that we could receive His instructions and so that we will be able to walk according to it. It’s in the wilderness where God will teach us to draw near to Him, to walk with Him, to continuously dwell in His presence. It’s about getting to a place where you can allow God to reveal His heart to you and give you His instructions. And you cannot get to that place without going through the fire, going through the wilderness. You absolutely cannot!

You cannot walk with the Father if you do not embrace holiness. And we cannot embrace holiness if we haven’t gone through the wilderness. Holiness cannot co-exist with worldliness.

Holiness is NOT a matter of being spiritual or religious or spiritually prideful and living as if you are better than others. Yuck! Holiness is about understanding the principle that we are called to be set apart. We are called to NOT conform to the standards of the world. Holiness is about getting in right standing with God. Holiness is about a place you enter in, where you allow the Father to strip you of everything and anything that’s not His will and His way! It’s a place where you allow (free choice) God to purify you in the fire – until His character and nature, His instructions and Who HE IS, will be evident in your life.

So it’s up to you to make the decision. When will you allow God in? When will you lay down yourself? Your control? Your ways? When will you decide that following God is more important, than what the people might say? When will you ask God to take you through the wilderness?

I’m by no means out of the wilderness of my own life. And I probably won’t get out of it very soon either haha. But even in the fire, I’m alive in YOU! Although the wilderness is not a pleasant / comfortable place to be in. I have come to love it to an extent I never thought possible. It’s no longer I that live, but Christ Who lives in me. And for that reason – I will continue to ask the Father to burn away everything and anything that is not rooted in Him!

Even in the fire, I’m alive in YOU!

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Turn Up the HIIT: Phase 2

It’s no secret, the Turn Up the HIIT 5-week online training program, was and still is – a definite crowd favorite!

Since we’ve launched our 30min bodyweight 4-sessions per week program back in November 2019 – the positive feedback never stopped coming in! It was & still is such a hi(i)t! See what we did there! Haha

The recent #FitBestRelaunch was a reminder of that!

When we initially decided to do the Online Relaunch, we were only planning to relaunch the Be Your Best Program. However, we are always looking for ways to serve YOU to the best of our abilities. And we get that not everyone have equipment available or 60mins a day to train. Thus we have decided to relaunch all of our programs – to give you the choice!

Fitness should not take over your life, it should compliment and fit into your life! You pick a program that suit your life!

And it just so happens that the Turn Up the HIIT program fit into many of your programs!

Whilst our other programs consist of 4-week phases, the TUtH Program consisted of only one phase of 5-weeks.

The official Online Relaunch phase 1 of TUtH thus ended on 2 October. But don’t be sad! We have really exciting news!!!

We have added 5 more weeks to the program! 🥳 Whoop!

Phase 2 of the Turn Up the HIIT program will kick off on Monday, 2 November for the first time ever!

Get your hands on the latest program from #TeamFitBest:

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Online Relaunch Challenge

The cat is out of the bag! YEAH! We are officially RELAUNCHing ALL of our online programs‼️

Pick any one of our 3 programs & join the OFFICIAL #FitBestRelaunch, starting 31 August 2020!

Our Programs:

  1. Be Your Best (16-Weeks)
  2. Turn Up the HIIT (5-Weeks)
  3. Winter Home Workout Challenge (12-Weeks)


The BE YOUR BEST Challenge is a 16-week challenge that initially kicked off in Feb this year! Our participants got amazing results! Check out our Instagram to see what they have to say about their experience!

APP Based

➡️ Equipment Needed: 2× Dumbbells & 1× Resistance Band

➡️ Cost Involved:

  • FULL 16-week Challenge: R1200pp [Phase 1, 2, 3 & 4]
  • 12-week Challenge: R900pp [Phase 1, 2 & 3]
  • Per Phase (4-weeks each): R400pp


The TURN UP THE HIIT Challenge is a 5-week challenge that kicked off in November 2019. Our participants loved the fact that the workouts only took 30 minutes a day. No excuses to NOT stay active!

APP Based

➡️ Equipment Needed: None – Bodyweight Based

➡️ Cost Involved: FULL 5-week Challenge: R400pp


The WHWC (Winter Home Workout Challenge) is a 12-week challenge that kicked off in July 2019. This challenge is eBook based & not available on the app. So if you like things the old school way, this option is ideal for you! You can print out the program or use it from your phone, tablet or computor!

eBook Based

➡️ Equipment Needed: None – Bodyweight Based

➡️ Cost Involved:

  • FULL 12-week Challenge: R750pp [Phase 1, 2 & 3]
  • Per Phase (4-weeks each): R300pp

Amazing prizes up for grabs! Head on over to book your spot today!

All programs kick off on Monday, 31 August 2020

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The Benefits of Foam Rolling

So, you haven’t been working out for a while and suddenly start again… Or you changed your training style, increased the intensity, etc – it’s quite normal for you to suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

DOMS is the pain and stiffness that you feel in your muscles after you have done workouts that your body isn’t used to. DOMS usually sets in approximately 24 to 72 hours after you have done the exercises.

So, what does DOMS have to do with foam rolling? Well foam rolling is also known as the poor man’s massage. We’ve all heard that foam rolling is an excellent way to speed up muscle recovery, etc – but why that’s the case, not everyone actually knows.

I think we could all agree, if you’re regularly foam rolling already – it’s because you have been told to do so by your personal trainer, biokineticist or physio. And you would possible be able to agree that you can feel a positive difference when you do foam roll compared to when you don’t – so you keep doing it for a while. Until your muscles feel better and then the foam roller gets stored away until the next serious case of DOMS comes up – right?

But have you ever wondered what foam rolling is actually doing? Or what is actually happening inside your body when you do foam roll?

During lockdown, I took some time to do a foam rolling online CPD (continuous professional development) course. And here’s what I have learned – based on the course I did and some other research I have done prior to the writing of this blog!

When we talk about foam rolling, you will hear words like myofascial release come up. Relax, it sounds more dramatic than it actually is. Myofascial release is simply a type of physical therapy that is used to treat myofascial pain. Myofascial pain is caused by tightness of myofascial tissues. Okay great – but what does that have to do with fitness?

The answer is – everything! Myofascial tissue is a dense, tough tissue that surrounds and covers the muscles throughout your body! The outer fascial layer is very strong yet very flexible. It is highly intertwined with your nerve system and plays a vital role in joint stability or kinaesthetic awareness. Your myofascial tissue moves independently from your muscles and thus ensures that your muscles remain aligns and as a result – it limits stress on your joints. The myofascial tissue consists of three different layers that all differ in density of collagen fibres. These tissue are mostly composed of water and it thus allows the different layers to smoothly glide over one another.

The pain you suffer after completing as strenuous workout, usually can be pointed out in specific areas of your body, also called trigger points. Thus – myofascial release is simply the practice of easing the stiffness/tightness and pain in specific areas. It is often difficult to pin point the exact origin of the pain or stiffness that you are experiencing – and that’s why you treat a broad area around the actual trigger point.

Now that we’ve covered that – who should be foam rolling? Studies have shown that anyone who sits, walks, runs, lifts or breathes could benefit from foam rolling! Does than answer your question? Haha

Foam rolling improves overall circulation, movement and helps the body to remain pain free. Thus foam rolling can be beneficial to everyone – regardless if you are partaking in fitness activities or not.

Foam rolling is an easy and effective way to “untie the knot.” When muscles become stiff & tight (like a rope with a knot in it) – the muscle loses its ability to lengthen and contract – and thus your muscle is less effective. You will often feel that your body is stiff – especially if you exercise on a regular basis. Ie – after a heavy lifting session you might not be able to reach your toes with your hands. And this is exactly where foam rolling comes in! By incorporating self-myofascial release techniques – such as foam rolling – you can help your body to improve blood flow, elevate oxygen consumption (improved VO2 Max) and reduce scar tissues on muscles – which will help your muscles to return to the previous levels of elasticity.

Researchers say that for optimal health benefits, you should foam roll twice every day! Things like sitting at your desk during working hours affect your muscles’ movement abilities. Limited movement or ROM (range of movement) will increase our risk of injury and decrease our strength and power abilities. Incorporating foam rolling into your daily routine will allow your body to repair itself on a daily basis and avoid the above!

Sadly, in a world as busy as ours (well as busy as it was before lockdown of course) – we tend to neglect the aftercare of things. Including foam rolling before or after sessions – because it takes to much time we usually use as an excuse. Let’s fast forward a few months down the line, and now you’re asking your trainer or your friends for a good physiotherapist’s number. Usually we wait until our bodies brings us to a halt before we start giving attention to the little things such as foam rolling.

In the ideal world, researchers suggest that you foam roll twice a day. Once before your workout session and once after your session.

What are the benefits of foam rolling before training?

· Increases muscle tolerance;

· Enables more muscle efficiency – thus improved performance;

· Increase the muscle tissue force output (ability of your muscle to do what it is designed to do);

· Decreases the heart rate.

What are the benefits of foam rolling after training?

· Releases tension through flushing (due to improved blood circulation);

· Starts recovery process faster;

· Creates more pliability/flexibility.

We spend most of our days seated, which results in a lot of tightness being developed in our calves. Also, I think it is pretty safe to say that we don’t keep proper posture when we are seated for hours at end. You have probably just moved yourself into a proper seated position after you’ve read that without even realising. Did you know, that foam rolling your spine is not only beneficial for your posture, but scientists also say that it will improve/ enhance your breathing? Pretty cool if you ask me! Another result of being seated for long hours at once -even lying on the couch with pore posture for that matter, results in tightened pectoral (chest) muscles. Releasing the tight chest muscles by foam rolling them, will also aid in enhancing your breathing.

Our quads (quadriceps aka the front part of your thighs) are a very functional and powerful muscle group and is used for almost every movement that includes your legs. Thus, du to their over activity – the quad muscles get shortened and tight.

Also, due to being seated or lying in a cradled position for long periods of time – our glutes become over stretched and as a result – muscles that are inferior to our glutes become tight and have to work harder during exercises.

Did you know that your sides/torso is placed under pressure when your glutes are not functioning as they should? For example, when the glute muscles are weakened, you might start to feel pain or discomfort in your latissimus dorsi (sides).

Studies have shown that regular foam rolling improves overall flexibility significantly. And as a result, a better range of motion is developed. Furthermore, studies have also shown that even though foam rolling does not directly improve performance, ie being able to lift heavier, etc – it has shown to significantly improve recovery. And thus, the body can perform better in general due to the ability to recover faster and more efficiently from workouts as well as everyday life!

Foam rolling is an inexpensive yet valuable part of your fitness journey!

If you are unsure or unfamiliar with foam rolling – watch this space! We have a another blog post coming up on Wednesday – on the muscles you should be foam rolling and how to foam roll them correctly, with illustrations and cues – the works!

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Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is probably one of the most controversial topics in the world today. Most people will agree that healthy eating is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. But the controversy steps in when we want to determine how exactly that healthy eating habits should look like.

I must admit, that I have never been too interested in nutrition in general. I have never counted macros and I have never been a fan of diets. I do however agree that is essential to make good and informed food choices if you want to build a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The amount of food people can eat from every food group will vary depending numerous factors such as age, gender and activity levels.

There are many nutrition specialists in the industry and all of them have their own opinions of what type of diets people should be following and what foods to avoid. Research has also shown that South Africans’ diets have rapidly changed over the years. These days more and more people chose to follow a diet which contains less fibre, more saturated fats, higher salt contents and a lot more processed foods. There may be several reasons why the change occurred, but that is a completely different topic for another day.

What studies also have show is that poor eating habits have been directly linked to an increase in general obesity, chronic diseases as well as death. According to Eat Well Live Well, approximately 56% of South African females, 29% of males and 17% of children in South Africa are overweight or obese. Take a moment and let that sink in. 56% of all South African adult females. Six million South Africans suffer from high blood pressure. And 25% of South Africa’s adult population have risk factors for high blood pressure – factors such as obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and a high sodium (salt) and low vegetable, legume and milk intake, which result in a low potassium intake.

Eat Well Live Well suggests in order to keep yourself and your family healthy, you must ensure that your diet consist of a variety of foods from each of the food groups, in the correct amounts and according to your unique lifestyle needs.

The main reason why I do not support diets is because they are not sustainable. You might stay on track for a few days or some might even stay dedicated for a few months. But my question is, what do you think will happen to you body once you start eating normal again? The problem with diets is that hey usually exclude or limit certain food groups and promote other food groups. That will only result in an imbalance.

Our bodies need various foods from ALL the food groups, to provide the body with fuel for daily functions. If you are really serious about leading a healthy lifestyle, you will stop counting macros and jumping from one diet to the next. A healthy lifestyle is about make good and proper food choices. Not following a diet that works for someone else. Building a healthy lifestyle is more than simply the food you consume every day. It’s about consuming the types of food that your body need to be able to perform the required functions and tasks, you as an individual need to perform every day. A healthy lifestyle stretches further than healthy eating habits – it should include physical activity on a daily basis.

To build up and maintain a healthy lifestyle in general, it is of utmost importance that you understand the impact of your own food choices on your body. By choosing to follow a healthy lifestyle you will drastically reduce your risk of chronic diseases and will be able to enjoy your life with much more energy.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is a smart choice for everyone – no matter your age or gender. It will assist you in maintaining a healthy weight and fuelling your body with the needed nutrients.

Healthy looks different on everybody. So, it is up to you to dig in, learn a little more about what your body really needs to perform at its best. Find a healthy eating routine that works for you. And please, I beg of you – don’t ever cut any food group completely from your diet.

Living a healthy life in general does not require any food restrictions. Forget about the diets and the food restrictions. Find a sustainable lifestyle diet that works for you, something that you can stick with for the rest of your life & not just for a few days or weeks. Eat the pizza when you want it & the greens when you need it! If you take care of your body, it will surely take care of you!